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License  Support

If you have recently purchased new software, or need to upgrade your existing software, please log on to our secure customer portal where you will find our software downloads. You can also find valuable information about our latest software updates, new feature information, FAQs, user forums, and more.

In order to install your software, you'll need a software license. 

SIGMAXIM’s new License Support Request form  will address all of your License Support needs.  Use this form to request your license for your newly purchased software.  If you are an existing SIGMAXIM customer, you may use this form to transfer your software license to a new server, request a new license for your recently upgraded software, or do both in one easy step.

Request Your Software License

To request a new software license, please complete this form. We will email your license file to the contact email provided shortly after we receive the form.

Company Information








Basic License Information


How do I find this? Within an active Creo (Pro/Engineer) session, select Tools>Technical Support Info.  In the resultant window, scroll down to the “Machine information” section, and look for “Host ID”.  This is the CPU ID required for generation of the license codes.  It is also known as the MAC address. Please note: If you are installing your software on more than one machine, you will need to complete a separate form for each machine. (Just submit the form, hit the back button and change the CPU ID to avoid re-entering your customer information.)

  • License Update Options

    If you would like to move your existing software license to a new server, and/or need to upgrade your current license to a new software version, please select the appropriate option(s) below and provide all applicable information. Please note: You may transfer your license, upgrade your license, or do both at the same time.

    (Useful, but not required. Please open the old license.dat file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad), and copy-paste the content of the file in this box.)

  • License Transfer Request
  • Version Upgrade Request



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