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SmartDesign Server for Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)

The Solution to Rapid Design Customization.

SmartDesignServer is software program which enables Creo to become a complete on-line Design-to-Order system, without the need for lengthy and costly development.

SmartDesignServer front end (in Google Chrome) allows the user to custom configure ashipping case and create all deliverables.SmartDesignServer provides the communication pathway needed to develop integrated automation platforms and manage the data communication between the different integrated applications. Any third party interface allows sets of parameters to be calculated and stored in memory. After data transfer is initiated, Creo is activated and the data is passed to the generic models. All Creo deliverables can be exported automatically (model files, Creo drawings, DXF, etc.) and delivered to the user. SmartDesignServer is the keystone to build a web-driven, Creo-based, customized product configurator.

It completely manages the data transfer between the client's application or browser and a server. It fully manages the Creo interaction on that server and handles the reporting of the requested deliverables back to the client. The Java based platform and the underlying XML messaging layer allows a smooth integration with other major players in a company’s engineering system.


Fully Automated Product Designs Geared Specifically to Your Customer’s Needs.

SmartDesignServer is the messenger in this automated environment. Automating the whole development cycle from quotation to production delivers complete intelligent model structures, bills of materials, and all order related documentation in seconds. This architecture is an extremely powerful way to gain maximum productivity. The open architecture of Creo allows companies to write their own applications and connect with Creo using SmartDesignServer.

SmartDesignServer brings the ability to modify complex parts to users who may not know how to create them. It allows users to edit dimensions and enables modifications without requiring complete knowledge of the design intent or geometry. A single Creo user can manually create a generic model with related documentation and geometry that can be used to generate different versions of a product. Automated parts and assemblies make it possible to manage features and components to rebuild geometry.  New users or even the sales team can make predefined changes to complex models without first having to sort through the entire design to find the correct feature or dimension to change.


Key Features

  • Complete Design-to-Order system with integration of reports to Creo, Microsoft applications, MRP systems, etc
  • Applies to any industry type and company size
  • Lightweight
  • Open: compatible with all surrounding systems
  • Streamlined Application Framework
  • No need for Creo API programming or complex client/server programming
  • Bi-directional communication between Microsoft and Creo
  • One Creo license serves multiple users
  • Fully automatic data generation in Creo
  • LAN/Internet driven

How It WorksSmartDesignServer front end (in Internet Explorer) that allows a user to cutom configure a top level loader assembly and create all deliverables.

  • Search for components graphically or by parameter info
  • A Customer, Sales Rep. or Purchasing Agent completes an online form with the different choices of a product configuration in a simple UI, such as a browser, a Product Configurator, a custom created application, MS Excel, MS Access, or any other data gathering method
  • The web client sends the data to the SmartDesignServer, which can be anywhere (even a different continent)
  • The server compiles the necessary information using Creo, MS Word, and/or any other user accessible application
  • The deliverables are sent to the client or to pre-defined locations
  • The deliverables can be a quote, Creo Models or Drawings, PDF files, DXF files, NC Programs, shearing/cutting lists, BOM for ERP/pricing, 3D renderings, or any other type of information

What it Takes to Implement

  • A front-end GUI for data gathering is developed. A SmartGateway client component is provided as an executable, a JavaBean (application, jsp or applet), or an ActiveX Control (registered .dll)
  • Creo models created with parameters, relations and Pro/Program
  • Communication is XML based (for broad compatibility)
  • Server side components are provided as Java Servlets
  • Client/Server communication only uses an HTTP protocol - this prevents conflicts with firewalls or proxy servers
  • Document templates are created in Pro/ENGINEER and MS Word

Key Benefits

  • Extremely short ROI to a complete Design-to-Order system
  • Easy to implement
  • Fast implementation timeline: no need for year-long development projects
  • No complex server installation, portals or databases
  • Open architecture allows for easily available talent for customization or for integration to existing infrastructure
  • Ready for future growth and upgrades - XML-based environment protects your investment in SmartDesignServer
  • Does not restrict the customization of the client UI
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