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SmartLibrary for Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)

Much More Than Parts and Components.

SmartLibrary is software developed for Creo that automates all aspects of library component usage, creation and modification.  Much more than a mere library of Creo parts and components, SmartLibrary allows you to design up to 10 times faster and eliminate such common design errors as hole misalignments and screw/thread mismatches. In addition SmartLibrary provides a wizard to help you develop, customize and deploy new library parts, assemblies and GUI’s, quickly and easily.

SmartLibrary provides powerful machine design functions, such as bolts and dowel pin connections, library management, BOM functionality and many other standard component functionsSmartLibrary includes powerful and customizable pre-built libraries such as screws, bolts and dowel pins. Each component is equipped with a “quick-preview” GUI that allows the user to customize details such as counterbores, component length, thread depth, and washers and nuts, as well as to see a dynamic x-sectional view of the component and neighboring parts.

Library management and BOM functionality is also incorporated into SmartLibrary. Unlike other "library management products", SmartLibrary is a knowledge-based system, easily expandable, so you can quickly add your custom standard components. 

Key Features

  • Automatic creation of all necessary holes, threads and clearance cuts asSmartLibrary's LibraryWizard uses a step-by-step approach to custom library component definition including definition of assembly constraints for automatic assembly, as well as definition of clearance cuts, threads, and component material.
    well as assembly of associated hardware (washers, nuts, etc.) upon library component placement
  • Automated component selection/placement
  • “Quick-preview” GUI dynamically updates to represent scaled x-sectional view of the library component in assembly before placement
  • Standard screws, bolts, nuts, washers, lock washers, dowel pins, lift rings, etc. are provided
  • Fast and easy custom components: “on-the-fly” modifications, modify existing standard component info tables, or creation of entirely new component assemblies using a wizard
  • Automatically add several parameters to individual parts, or all parts in an assembly with one mouse pick
  • Functionality provided to automatically create, export and easily customize your BOM in assembly mode including removal of components, sorting, and removal of components from the BOM list
  • Fully compatible with SmartHolechart for powerful automatic holechart creation and customization
  • Simple to install, easy to use

How It Works

  • Search for components graphically or by parameter info
  • Component automatically assembled on points, csys or mouse click
  • Includes definition of assembly references
  • Permits setting of default layers for features and threads
  • Provides definition of clearance cut geometry using surfaces
  • For standard SmartLibrary components, all holes, threads and clearance cuts are created at the part level using appropriate Pro/ENGINEER features (i.e. “hole” features)
  • LibraryWizard allows easy creation of any new component, with its own GUI and image

Key BenefitsSmartLibrary's LibraryWizard includes the ability to instantly capture an image of the library component for your customized GUI.

  • Speed - faster initial design and faster changes – up to 10 times faster than using standard component libraries because clearance cuts, holes and threads are automatically created
  • LibraryWizard allows even novices to develop/deploy new library components quickly and easily
  • Eliminates errors such as misaligned holes and mismatched screw/thread combinations since clearance cuts, holes and threads are associated to library component
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks such as creating holes, threads and counterbores for screws
  • Promotes standardization of not only components and assemblies, but also clearance cuts, holes and thread information
  • Faster regeneration times because Creo features are part level features
  • Eliminate misaligned or undersized holes - ensures that proper holes, threads and clearance cuts have been created for the particular component being placed
  • Faster drawing creation – because hole dims can be shown automatically – location is only thing controlled at assembly level (top down)
  • Tutorial examples provided with software ensure short learning curve.
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