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WallCheck for Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)

Thickness and Distance Analysis.

WALLCHECK is a software program developed for Creo that allows the user to quickly analyze critical wall thickness conditions and distances in parts and assemblies. 

Fresh users benefit from the integrated configuration wizard guiding them to an optimum check configuration.  Experienced designers may access the simplified and fast direct configuration.

Key Features

  • Configuration wizard allows for quick setup.
  • Color-coded results in 3D model makes for easy indentification of potential thickness issues.
  • Identifies both thick and thin wall conditions.
  • Besides detecting walls that fall short of or exceed specified thicknesses, WALLCHECK can also check for regions within a certain thickness range.
  • Automatic zoom and center funtionality allows for efficient and quick viewing of results.
  • Batch functionality facilitates the analysis of multiple CAD models.
  • Automatic generation of reports in PDF format containing result views, section thickness values, and comments.
  • Analyzes imported geometry like STEP and IGES files.
  • Analyzes even fragmented parts.
  • Analyzes minimum distances between parts in assemblies.
  • Fully compatible with all builds of Creo (Pro/Engineer) software. 3DDrawing
  • Works in conjunction with Windchill/PDMLink or Intralink.
  • Runs on 32 or 64 bit machines.

How It Works

  • User opens WALLCHECK and selects the part to be analyzed.
  • Software analyzes the part’s walls and identifies areas that potentially are too thick or too thin.
  • Software identifies potential thickness errors in a user-friendly color-coded 3D model.
  • Results are classified into easy to understand categories: error, warning, etc.
  • A PDF report with the results, views, section thickness values and comments is generated.

Key Benefits

  • Shortens time to market by eliminating time consuming manual measurements.
  • Adds safety by checking critical areas before they cause expensive rework downstream.
  • Improves quality of molded or cast products by controlling critical thickness conditions.
  • Reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating unnecessary material usage.
  • Improves quality of assemblies by controlling distance conditions among parts within the assembly.
  • Fast and easy to configure.
  • Improves documentation.
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