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Embarking on an automation initiative, trying to implement  design standards, or simply looking for ways to eliminate non-value-added engineering work?  Contact SIGMAXIM to learn about a solution that is right for you!

Design Process Consulting

 SIGMAXIM wants to learn about your design process and challenges before we present a solution for your company’s unique needs.  Our customers come to us at different stages of design process improvement and we are ready to help at any stage.

Design Process Assessment

Every company specializes in their own product knowledge and they alone are the experts of their products.  However, when companies are too close to the design process it is difficult to take a step back and see to how to improve the design process from a non-product perspective. At SIGMAXIM, we partner with companies to help them improve the process of developing their products, not to tell them how to make their product better. SIGMAXIM engineers focus on improving the process to decrease time to market by reviewing each design process to define processes and methodologies and embed them in Creo (Pro/ENGINEER) in a way that has never been done before.

Design Process Architecture

Many companies have reviewed design processes and identified areas that need improvement, but struggle with implementing a workable plan.  Our clients have improved design to market time not only by identifying the inefficiencies but developing a strategy to decrease inefficiencies.  SIGMAXIM engineers, with a design process review, can architect a design process improvement plan that can bring an immediate Return on Investment.  Our engineers can take data from the design process review and develop a workable solution specific to your company’s needs.

Design Process Integration

Our goal is to develop a unique solution for each customer and to assist each company to deliver it in a way that works best.  SIGMAXIM is able to work with clients in a very modular and flexible way to bring the solutions to the end users.

  • Design Process Delivery:  Processes and methodologies are defined and SIGMAXIM develops a turnkey and specific solution ready for the end user.  ROI is immediate.
  • Partnership Integration:  Customer and SIGMAXIM work cooperatively to help customers develop their solutions. 
  • Customer Integration:  Customer can purchase training and mentoring help in order to deliver solutions by their internal design process resources.

SIGMAXIM rarely works with two companies the same way.  Our solutions are flexible and versatile, and designed to fit your business process.

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