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RULES-PERFECT™ lets you set up custom product automation and Process Rules for Creo
Your Rules - Automated


RULES-PERFECT™extends the benefit of Creo automation through
an accessible and responsive web-based solution


RULES-PERFECT™ : Automate Everything in CREO, including Deliverables.


RULES-PERFECT™ your rules in Creo perfectly!

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AUTOMATION will have a major impact on how business operates in the next decade. Engineering companies will gain or lose a competitive edge based on automation capabilities. Successful automation requires a system that works in Creo, as well as with Business Systems. SIGMAXIM Automation with RulesPerfect™ methodology is built specifically for Creo, integrates with all major business systems, and radically increases productivity.

Product Configuration

RULES-PERFECT™ geometric rules-based solution brings flexibility to configured and engineered to order products. Automating the process from 3D Intuitive-web based selector to sales deliverables.

Focused Process Apps

SIGMAXIM customizable Task-Specific Apps automate specific complex functions in the design/development process to save time and ensure accurate results.


Your rules in Creo perfectly!
  • Automates your Best Practices
  • Eliminates Non-Value-Added Engineering Work
  • Enables Data Re-Use
  • Integrates with other Business Systems
  • Extends to Engineer-to-Order Products

Automate Best Practices

SIGMAXIM integrates your company's BEST PRACTICES into Creo. As designers work, best practices are automatically implemented into the design (if there is conflict the user is notified). This ensures that all the designers follow Company Design Rules and Best Practices, or that the user is aware that there is an exception to the rules.

It’s your rules, your process - Automated

Standardization with Automation

Engineering Initiatives vary in approaches and names: KBE, Modular Design, DFMA, Options and Variants. These initiatives fit into the enterprise’s vision for the future. AUTOMATING STANDARDS is the way engineering content can be communicated as a basis for any engineering initiative. This promotes re-use, prevents reinvention, and facilitates collaboration across division and plants.

All initiatives start with Process Standardization

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    18 June 2024
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    26 February 2024
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  • Low Risk Creo Automation

    31 March 2021
    Automation, in the past, has always been filled with compromises and complexity. Right? SIGMAXIM lowers the risk for Creo automation based on over 20 year of experience. Tell us your automation challenges!
  • Results-Driven Automation

    13 May 2020
    Automation creates a single source of truth in your design process. Consistency, created by automation, helps ensure small errors don't exponentially grow through the product lifecycle.  Automation eliminates tedious or non-value engineering work and allows engineers to focus on innovations and development.

    "We don’t change the way you do things - We automate the things you do"