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MBD Checker


MBD Checker is an advanced rules-based automation application built specifically for Creo users, providing robust support for Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) implementations.

Its comprehensive validation capabilities enable users to seamlessly identify and resolve errors in MBD models—without leaving Creo. This integration ensures a streamlined workflow, enhancing the overall quality and adherence to standards in your product development processes.


Are you in the process of implementing Model-Based Definition in your business or enterprise? Does your team currently perform manual reviews of MBD models to ensure data quality and standardization? Are you utilizing or planning to implement Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) or Geometric Product Specifications (GPS) in your MBD models? Have you ever wondered if there’s a more efficient way to review models? Wondered about better methods to support users in creating and reviewing their MBD? Is your team grappling with the intricacies of creating and managing MBD data, dealing with concerns such as:

    • Meaningless tolerances
    • Incompletely specified parts
    • Poorly readable 3D views and Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI)
    • Missing/Lost annotations
    • Lost time in engineering change processes due to needless iteration from downstream feedback

If any of these challenges resonate with you, SIGMAXIM’s MBD Checker is what you need to streamline your MBD processes.

MBD is more than GD&T alone


GD&T / GPS and Tolerancing
  • Checks a broad spectrum of standards-based rules concerning tolerancing.
  • Ensures the model is fully defined, with consistent and semantically sound surface descriptions.
  • Validates symbology and ensures adherence to best practices.
Other PMI – Notes, Symbols
  • Validates the presentation of PMI elements, including notes and symbols.
  • Ensures clarity, consistency, and adherence to presentation standards.
Presentation / Readability / Visibility
  • Checks the presentation of product and manufacturing information (PMI) for readability, visibility, and comprehensibility.
  • Ensures PMI elements are effectively communicated and easily understood by stakeholders.
Geometry & Semantics
  • Identifies and rectifies geometric inconsistencies or irregularities in the model geometry.
  • Ensures PMI is defined with proper semantic references.
CAD Modeling Checks
  • Checks adherence to CAD modeling best practices to ensure model integrity and compatibility.
  • Identifies and addresses deviations from established modeling standards.


Benefits of MBD Checker include:

  • Efficiency through Standardization: Drive efficiency gains of 50%-100% by enforcing standardization across various aspects of MBD, including GD&T/GPS, PMI elements, presentation styles, and educational materials.
  • Productivity: New users become productive quickly, allowing advanced users to focus on development.
  • Systematic: Adapt to fit your products, PMI usages, desired presentation styles, etc.



Whether you are just thinking about stepping into the MBD world, already have a few MBD projects, or are seasoned experts, MBD Checker can help you throughout your MBD journey. Here are some of the ways the MBD Checker can assist:

    • Checking MBD Data During Creation: Ensure accuracy and adherence to standards right from the start of your projects.
    • Reviewing and Enhancing Translated MBD Data: Streamline the process of reviewing and improving MBD data, particularly when translating between systems or formats.
    • Validating MBD Data Before Integration into PLM Systems: Verify the integrity and compliance of your MBD data before integrating it into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.
    • Automating MBD Checks Within PLM Workflows: Integrate MBD checks seamlessly into your PLM workflows for efficient and automated validation processes.
    • Educating Users on MBD Best Practices: Support your team in understanding and implementing best practices for effective Model-Based Definition.


MBD Checker is a versatile tool designed to meet the diverse needs of users at various stages of MBD adoption, providing valuable benefits to ensure the quality and consistency of your MBD projects.


New to MBD

  • Help facilitate MBD adoption
  • Support learning – Highlight issues / Give detailed feedback
  • Ensure understanding of your specific MBD best practices
  • Offer users easy way to fix issues, right in Creo

Mid-Journey MBD

  • Ensure MBD quality
  • Reduce Peer Review workload
  • Ensure understanding of your specific MBD Best Practices
  • Offer users easy way to fix issues, right in Creo
  • Monitor MBD adoption of users / teams

Advanced MBD Users

  • Reduce risk of accidental manual modification following guided creation ensuring accurate digital model
  • Support learning / best practices / replace Peer Review
  • Track how specific users / teams are faring in MBD adoption
  • "Close the loop”
    • Perform interoperability testing
    • Identify practices to discourage
    • Give feedback to team on what they should do instead


Contact SIGMAXIM at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.