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Smart Weld 3D for Creo

3D Weld Geometric Data in a Flash

SmartWeld 3D, a Creo solution, allows users to quickly and efficiently add 3D weld information to their designs by capturing and implementing company design and manufacturing standards.

Key Features

  • Quickly build weld trajectories on the fly using existing geometry.
  • Define the weld type, size, etc.
  • Any weld type can be made available including fillet, groove, and spot welds.
  • Continuous, intermittent, dual-side, and non-standard weld types are supported.
  • Information can be outputted in a variety of ways for  end users and manufacturing processes.
  • Automatically generates 2D weld symbols and data for robotic welding.

How It Works

  • User defines the start and end of the weld. 
  • User is presented with a variety of inputs and guides based on existing model geometry
  • User makes selections, and all necessary weld geometry is created on the fly by SmartWeld.
  • SmartWeld leads users in generation of 3D weld data.
  • Weld symbols are created on the fly, and data is fully parametric.
  • Generates weld parts where weld geometry is stored.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid customization to meet the needs of your company.
  • Eliminate guess and design errors when designing welds.
  • 2D weld symbols provide accurate visual cues and exact measurement data for manufacturing.
  • 3D geometry provides accurate volume and weight calculations.
  • Produces NC paths for robotic welding directly from existing geometry.
  • Costing can include more accurate variables.