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Engineering Process Automation

Some products do not lend themselves to configuration, but can still benefit from automation. Process automation is limitless: It can include automation of a company specific task, check large amounts of data, or perform maintenance tasks. Let us show you how we can encapsulate your unique Rules in Creo.

Interactive Automation

RULES PERFECT™ streamlines processes where the workflow is varied and requires interactive user choices. Automation allows users to focus on the design and not tedious CAD work.

Process Based Tools

RULES PERFECT™ technology allows companies to use Quickstarts for common processes. These tools are easily modified to tailor fit your company’s way of doing business without custom programming.

Encapsulate your Unique Rules in Creo

Every company specializes in their own process knowledge and they alone are the experts of their products. RULES PERFECT™ offers complete flexibility in automation and never dictates how automation should work for a client.

Many companies have reviewed design processes, but struggle with implementing a workable automation plan. SIGMAXIM engineers, with a rules definition and data preparation, assist companies architect an automation strategy focusing on product and process rules. Partnering with the Client, SIGMAXIM works in a modular way to bring automation to the end users.

We don’t change the way you do things - We Automate the things you do