Some people still believe there are limitations to Automation. SIGMAXIM has proven if you can build it in Creo, SIGMAXIM can Automate it in Creo.

Process Automation makes the development of complex products efficient and error-free, while ensuring that “your Engineering Rules” are followed. SIGMAXIM built its automation process systems with an agile approach. Project plans can include definition of rules, data preparation, design automation to manufacturing automation. SIGMAXIM can deliver turnkey implementations, partner with clients to build automation or customers can be trained and complete projects themselves.


Typically, companies are too close to their products to define the rules of their design process. At SIGMAXIM, our engineers partner with companies to architect automation rules by reviewing the important design processes to define methodologies and embed them in Creo (Pro/ENGINEER).

RULES PERFECT™ modular approach allows companies to quickly change or add rules as needed during the automation process. This flexibility allows for companies to scale up in complexity as they fully define their design process.

Embarking on an automation initiative, trying to implement design standards, or simply looking for ways to eliminate non-value added engineering work? Contact SIGMAXIM to learn about a solution that is right for you!