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On Demand Product Build

The ability to respond quickly to customer inquiries with customer deliverables is the goal of automated product builds. Challenges of automation can be: 

  • Products can vary from configure to order to engineered to order.  
  • Many sales deliverables including engineering drawings and documentation.
  • Sales not understanding the product rules, as well as designers not utilizing the design rules.

Automating the process allows engineers to focus on improving or designing new products instead of redesigning existing products.

Engineered to Order Difference

A true engineer-to-order product requires additional engineering, as not all specifications are known.  Prior Automation solutions were not flexible enough to bring value to ETO products.

RULES PERFECT™ geometric rules based solution brings the flexibility needed for engineered to order products. 

RULES PERFECT™ is smart enough to build up a product based on these rules and allow the users to make changes to the design which automation is unable to complete.

RULES PERFECT™ allows engineers to work  interactively with automation for processes that need human interaction.

RULES PERFECT™ has access to advanced math functions as well as the ability to take inputs from analysis software.   

Automation can never replace an engineer, but it can remove the repetitive Creo work once an engineering decision is made.

Geometric Rules bring flexibility to automation