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Effortlessly Maintain Legacy Data with Creo Automation

Wednesday, July 10th 10-11am EST
Wednesday, July 10th  2-3pm EST
Wednesday, July 10th 9-10am EST (French speakers)

  • Struggling with the daily grind of maintaining LEGACY DATA & SYSTEMS?
  • Frustrated trying to get all models up to COMPANY STANDARDS?
  • Fed up with COSTLY ERRORS due to human oversight?

Learn innovative Legacy solutions at our upcoming Webinar...

CAD engineers often face the challenges of managing legacy data. This issue encompasses more than just models; it involves intricate systems, databases, multi-site setups, and more.

Dealing with outdated information is a common yet unavoidable daily occurrence. Designers often find themselves working with obsolete models, needing to painstakingly verify all associated components while checking for any discontinued or recalled parts.

Navigating these challenges often involves tedious manual processes that are not only time-consuming but also prone to costly errors. Learn about the power of SIGMAXIM to transform these tasks, making them easily manageable through flexible and efficient automation.


What You'll Learn:

Automating Legacy Data Maintenance:

Learn how SIGMAXIM Automation can simplify legacy data maintenance for all released data, models, and systems, enabling engineers to swiftly perform flexible "Mass Replace" operations. See how easy automation makes it to save time, reduce errors, and ensure your designs stay up-to-date.


Real-World Applications:

Review case studies to gain insights into real-world scenarios where automation has successfully tackled legacy data maintenance challenges.


Interactive Q&A Session:

Get your questions answered by our experts and see how these solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Who Should Attend:

CAD Managers
CAD Engineers & Designers
CAD Product Development Teams
Any CAD Professionals involved in Data Management


Charles Farah, SIGMAXIM

Join Brice Caux, Sr. Application Engineer at SIGMAXIM, as he presents innovative automation solutions for maintaining legacy models, systems, databases, and more.

Learn how to reduce errors, increase standardization, and free up engineering time to work on more strategic tasks with SIGMAXIM Automation. Created exclusively for Creo users!


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  • Mid-Journey MBD

  • Advanced MBD Users

  • Session 1


    Wed, July 10th @ 9-10am EST
    (15:00-16:00 CET)

    < FRENCH >

  • Session 2


    Wed, July 10th @ 10-11am EST
    (16:00-17:00 CET)


  • Session 3


    Wed, July 10th @ 2-3pm EST
    (20:00-21:00 CET)


Read more …WEBINAR: Legacy Solutions with Creo Automation

WEBINAR: Virtual Master Model
Wednesday, March 6th 9-10am EST and 2-3pm EST

  • Challenged by the complexity of managing large overloaded models?
  • Baffled in devising an approach to build variants for a product with excessive variability?
  • Fed-up with unwieldy overloaded assemblies?

Learn innovative solutions with SIGMAXIM's Virtual Master Model™ (VMM).

While using a Master Model approach to build variant products may be useful, it introduces many downstream problems such as PLM conflicts, extended load times, and model complexity, as well as the challenge of complex maintenance.

SIGMAXIM’s VMM, a breakthrough framework for building Engineer-to-Order product variants, resolves these issues by managing rules and variant info externally from the Creo assembly.

VMM extrapolates rich Creo data and integrates it with rules-based automation for smaller, more manageable data in PLM. Thanks to VMM’s flexible and intelligent logic and rules, engineers can design highly-engineered products at any scale and complexity, as well as build variants that never existed before from the ground up. Both CTO & ETO are addressed, including products where features are added as needed, and new part numbers created.

Charles Farah, SIGMAXIM

Join Charles M. Farah, Technical Director at SIGMAXIM, as he presents Virtual Master Model’s transformative capabilities. He’ll review real-world cases, present a demo, and have a Q&A. Learn how VMM can revolutionize your unique approach to building To-Order products in Creo.


  • New to MBD

  • Mid-Journey MBD

  • Advanced MBD Users



    Wednesday, March 6th @ 9-10am EST
    (15:00-16:00 CET)



    Wednesday, March 6th @ 2-3pm EST
    (20:00-21:00 CET)


VMM Flyer

Read more …WEBINAR: Virtual Master Model

Automation, in the past, has always been filled with compromises and complexity. Right? SIGMAXIM lowers the risk for Creo automation based on over 20 year of experience. Tell us your automation challenges!

Automation creates a single source of truth in your design process. Consistency, created by automation, helps ensure small errors don't exponentially grow through the product lifecycle.  Automation eliminates tedious or non-value engineering work and allows engineers to focus on innovations and development.